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Common Hackberry Clump

Common Hackberry Clump
Celtis occidentalis, the common Hackberry is a large tree native to North America. It has a slender trunk that grows to a height of sixty feet in the middle states, but can be much taller the further south it grows. It is not particular where it grows, it prefers moist soil, but will grow on gravelly or rocky hillsides. But it is very particular about sunlight, and must live in full sun in order to survive. The beauty of the tree is truly in its bark. It is a cork like bark, light brown or silvery gray, smooth for the most part, but often with rough, wart like protuberances. The wood is light yellow, heavy, soft, coarse grained and not strong. The leaves are about 2 to 4 inches long, and at full growth are bright green, rough above, and paler green beneath. In autumn the leaves turn a bright yellow. It flowers in May, then produces small berries that turn orangy red to a really dark purple. They are ripe in September and October and remain on the branches during winter.
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15 Foot Clump Common Hackberry Clump

15 Foot Clump Common Hackberry Clump

Price $950.00

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