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Canadian Hemlock

Canadian Hemlock
Slow-growing and long-lived, Canadian hemlock trees in the wild may reach 80 feet tall or higher, with a spread of 25' to 30' (for information on compact cultivars developed for landscape usage, see below). These fragrant plants are pyramidal or conical in shape, and their small needles give them a fine texture. The needles are dark green on top and light green underneath. The bark of Canadian hemlock trees at maturity may be cinnamon-red or reddish brown. Click on the picture at right to open up a mini-photo gallery.
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12 Foot  Hemlock

12 Foot Hemlock

Price $830.00

10 Foot  Hemlock

10 Foot Hemlock

Price $730.00

8 Foot Hemlock

8 Foot Hemlock

Price $540.00

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