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Burning Bush

Burning Bush
This shrub is one of the great beauties of the autumn season. It is distinguished by vibrant scarlet foliage and small red-orange fruit in the fall as well as unusual corky "wings" which flare out along its branches. It is effective used in mass plantings, in a shrub border, as an accent plant or as a neat attractive hedge. You should be aware that the species can grow to be 15+ feet. However, "Compactus" (shown here) grows to only 6-10 feet and an even smaller variety, "Rudy Haag" grows to only 5 feet high and wide and unlike some more delicate species that need to be shaded by a sunbrella or grow with no direct sunlight, this needs medium light and is easy in many climates. This is a shrub that is best left unpruned although it can be pruned if you have space issues. It is not fussy about soil requirements (except for excessive wet areas) and there are no significant pest problems. It also transplants very easily. It is truly a maintenance free shrub.
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8 Foot  Burning Bush

8 Foot Burning Bush

Price $170.00

6 Foot  Burning Bush

6 Foot Burning Bush

Price $140.00

5 Foot  Burning Bush

5 Foot Burning Bush

Price $110.00

4 Foot  Burning Bush

4 Foot Burning Bush

Price $100.00

3 Foot  Burning Bush

3 Foot Burning Bush

Price $80.00

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