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6 Foot Norway Spruce
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6 Foot Norway Spruce

6 Foot  Norway Spruce
6 Foot Norway Spruce
SKU: Picea abies 6 Foot
Units in Stock: 306
The Norway Spruce is a native of Europe, and is commonly called the mountain spruce there. Due to its hardiness and adaptability it has been introduced around the world and thrives in the plant hardiness zones of 2 to 8 where there is adequate rainfall of at least 20 per year. In areas of less rainfall additional water will be necessary especially when young. More details...
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Price: $290.00
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Product Details
Norway Spruce quickly reaches 80 feet in height by 40 feet in spread with its medium to rapid growth rate, and adapts to a variety of harsh soil and sparse moisture conditions. It is so common, widespread, vigorous, and healthy that most people do not realize that it is not a native of North America, in spite of its common name. A distinctive trait of Norway Spruce is the strong central leader, horizontal side branches, and vertically pendulous branchlets. As a member of the Pine Family, it is related to other Spruces, as well as the Firs, Larches, Pines, and Hemlocks.

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